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The new aluminium gas cylinder for Switzerland

... light, robust and classy

In May 2018, we launched the new SOCAR légère gas cylinder. Initially, this new product will only be tested at the following ten selected locations in the German-speaking part of Switzerland:

• SOCAR Affoltern a. A.
• SOCAR Bühlwiesen
• SOCAR Glattbrugg
• SOCAR Hohlstrasse
• SOCAR Manegg
• SOCAR Opfikon
• SOCAR Schlieren
• SOCAR Dübendorf zur Schmiede
• SOCAR Triemli
• SOCAR Wädenswil See

SOCAR légère is an advancement of the light composite cylinder, which in its new design is made of aluminium instead of plastic (composite). SOCAR légère is therefore the lightest metal cylinder on the Swiss market, which provides all the advantages of aluminium where material properties are concerned – but which is not heavier and therefore outrivals the property that was considered to be the benefit of a plastic cylinder so far. Thanks to the use of aluminium, the new gas cylinder is as light as a feather and nevertheless robust, durable and reliable. The excellent conductivity of aluminium makes it possible to always completely empty the 8 kg propane gas filling, as it features the highest evaporation performance of all gas cylinders and therefore guarantees a barbecuing enjoyment that will last longer.

The long service life and the excellent recycling values of aluminium also make this cylinder unique when it comes to its environmental friendliness.

Our aluminium lightweight metal cylinder sets new standards: it is not only light, convenient, robust and purposeful, but its design is also beautiful, classy and of high quality. The ergonomic handle is another bonus point of the new SOCAR légère gas cylinder.


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