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Lighter up in the air: the aluminium gas cylinder for balloonists

Maximum safety, reliable level indicator, ultra-light

More and more hot air balloonists are taking on-board our 21 kg balloon cylinders, specially designed for this unique sport, ensuring even lighter, safer take-offs. 

This aluminium gas cylinder, specially designed for hot air balloon rides, offers pilots the highest level of certified safety. A particular advantage during the cold months or in winter regions: even at low temperatures, our balloon cylinders are surefire winners offering simply better evaporation performance without the risk of valves icing up. 

The always visible filling level reliably tells you how high you can go and how far you can still go. Their light weight makes our gas cylinders the perfect mobile energy source for any balloon ride.

Please note that gas cylinders must be inspected every 10 years!

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ALUGAS 21 kg balloon cylinder Technical data
Water volume 50,0 L
Propane filling weight 21,0 kg
Butane filling weight 24,5 kg
Tare weight 9,0 kg
Height of valve top edge -
Height of collar top edge 941 mm
Diameter 300 mm

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