Extra-light gas cylinders for work and leisure

Durable, safe and particularly practical

ALUGAS is the most intelligent combination of lightness and durability. Our aluminium gas cylinders are certified high-tech products which will make your life noticeably easier in a wide variety of fields. Particularly in professional as well as sports and leisure areas with high mobility and flexibility requirements, where you will reap the long-term rewards of the up to 60% reduction in net weight (tare weight) of our aluminium gas cylinders compared to traditional steel gas cylinders.

Gross weight, filling weight, tare weight – Which is which?


GROSS WEIGHT: This is the sum of the net weight (tare) of the cylinder and the filling weight of its contents (for example, propane or butane gas)

FILLING WEIGHT: The weight of the contents of the cylinder or container, for example propane or butane gas, although this can also include liquids and certain solids

TARE WEIGHT: The term “tare” comes from Arabic, and when translated means something like “deduction”. It is used when it is not possible to weigh a substance, normally a gas or liquid, without a tool or container. Together, these give you the total or gross weight. The tare weight (net weight) is therefore the difference between the gross and filling weights, i.e., the weight of the container.

Here’s how much less an 11 kg aluminium gas cylinder weighs than a traditional steel cylinder.

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