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Easy mobility: aluminium gas cylinders for anyone who loves to travel and explore

Ideal for mobile home, caravan and camping holidaymakers

Our TRAVELMate aluminium gas cylinder is the ideal mobile energy source for anyone who wants independence, flexibility and comfort as they travel. 

This lightweight gas cylinder offers campers and mobile home holidaymakers numerous advantages when they are out and about: 

  • Depending on the model, it is up to 60% lighter than traditional steel cylinders, and therefore particularly easy on your body and back in any situation
  • Certified safety 
  • 100 percent corrosion and seawater resistant - Particularly easy and convenient fill level checking. A remote display can be retrofitted inside your vehicle. 
  • For winter camping fans: significantly improved evaporation performance ensures that the valves do not ice up, even at cold temperatures. 

One particular advantage
TRAVELMate aluminium gas cylinders do not need replacement: simply refill them – you can do that in many countries around the world. 

Please note that gas cylinders must be inspected every 10 years!


TRAVEL Mate 11 kg Technical data
Water volume 27,2 L
Propane filling weight 11,4 kg
Butane filling weight 13,3 kg
Tare weight 6,6 kg
Height of valve top edge 575 mm
Height of collar top edge 600 mm
Diameter 300 mm

TRAVEL Mate 14 kg Technical data
Water volume 33,3 L
Propane filling weight 14,0 kg
Butane filling weight 16,3 kg
Tare weight 7,5 kg
Height of valve top edge 680 mm
Height of collar top edge 700 mm
Diameter 300 mm

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